Sunday, April 3, 2011

Paris is pissed

Hollywood people are always really nice to look at. That’s a given. But sometimes, someone comes out of the woodwork who is just so insanely good looking, it freaks you out.

Such is the case with Blake Lively, or Boobs Legsly, as the girls of Go Fug Yourself endearingly refer to her. And Blake is just that. She has legs for days, and boobs that a team of plastic surgeons couldn’t have planned better. The fact that the girl can’t act is beside the point; throwing her in one of your movies or on your TV show is foolproof because, regardless of gender or sexual preference, no one can resist her.

Of course, she has the kind of beauty that muses are made of. Karl Lagerfeld seems to think so, at least. He made Blake the new face of Chanel last month, and she looks quite lovely in the campaign.


And here’s a video of those ads being made, with some pretty cool glimpses of Lagerfeld photographing Blake.

Despite her beauty, apparently Blake has been getting the cold shoulder from the rest of the Chanel team. They don’t think she fits the brand, and they do not support Lagerfeld’s decision to employ her.

I can see that. When I think of Blake Lively’s style, I think of short dresses that serve the sole purpose of putting her assets on display. I think of bright colours and bold patterns. None of these things are Chanel. Chanel is classic and conservative and timeless. Tweeds are their trademark, and neutral shades are what they come in. It’s beautiful and undeniable, and it has worked for the fashion house for over a hundred years.

Now, Lagerfeld may be looking to change the face of Chanel, and give it a more youthful edge. But as they say, don’t fix what ain’t broke, and Chanel is definitely not broken. I can’t imagine a day when I open the pages of Vogue and can’t identify exactly what is a Chanel piece, why it is beautiful, and why I want to make sweet, sweet love to it.

Perhaps Lagerfeld’s minions are right. The ads do look great, but I really don’t think Blake was the appropriate choice to represent the brand. She’s the girl next door who wears fun cocktail dresses, not the lady up the street who has fifty little black dresses for every occasion. Blake wore Marchesa to an event she recently attended, and I think that says a lot. Their dresses are bold and far better suited to a woman like Blake. To be honest, the Chanel ad campaign featuring her almost feels like a mistake.

Moral of the story: beauty isn’t everything, and there will always be someone who is looking past it to see what is truly going on inside. Either that or Lagerfeld’s team is a bunch of bitchy skinny chicks who are jealous and upset that he didn’t listen to their pitch instead of taking your gorgeous bod on board.

Isn’t it cool that you can learn something like that from Chanel? The first part, not that people can be bitchy. That’s a lesson you can learn at Walmart.

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